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At the American IV Association (AIVA), we are dedicated to elevating the standards of IV therapy practice nationwide.

Our mission is to forge a community of healthcare professionals who are not only skilled in the art and science of intravenous care but are also advocates for excellence, safety, and innovation in this evolving field.

We connect practitioners with the tools, knowledge, and network needed to thrive and lead in IV therapy, ultimately enhancing patient care and advancing the profession.

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Join us at the vanguard of IV therapy innovation and community building. Our live events, networking gatherings, webinars, and podcasts are designed to enrich your professional journey with the latest insights, trends, and connections in the world of intravenous care.

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Empowering Our Members

We provide our members with resources and support to help them run successful IV hydration therapy businesses. This includes things like legal consultations, webinars on demand, and group purchasing opportunities.

Setting Industry Standards

We work to develop best practices and guidelines for the IV hydration therapy industry. This includes opportunities such as developing a certification program for IV hydration therapists and advocating for safe and effective practices.

Raising Awareness of IV Hydration Therapy

We work to educate the public and you about the benefits of IV hydration therapy. This includes things like producing educational materials and hosting events.

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We offer members deep discounts on everything from medical equipment to software, helping you boost your bottom line.


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Unlock the power of optimal hydration. Be the difference for your patients. IV professionals, unite! Let's redefine hydration excellence, together.

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Your IV Therapy Compliance Lifeline

Ever navigate the intricate world of IV therapy regulations and feel like you're deciphering hieroglyphics on a desert cliff face? ️Well, AIVA's Compliance Corner is your oasis of clarity!

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Got a burning compliance question threatening to scorch your business? Get started below, and our expert attorneys will answer your questions live in our weekly Q&A! ️ It's your personal compliance compass, guiding you through the regulatory maze.

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Don't get lost in the compliance desert! Join AIVA today and unlock access to our exclusive Compliance Corner, plus a treasure trove of other resources, legal consultations, and industry-leading support. Join the community and experience the peace of mind that comes with expert guidance at your fingertips.

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Event Attendees, and Partners Are Saying:

Exchanging Ideas

We picked each other's brains and we picked my brain and so forth. So that's been great. Kind of just exchanging ideas.

Angelo Savastano

Angelo Savastano

The Connections

The connections. And meeting other like minded people who have the same kind of passion has been huge.

Christy Richard

Selah Living Nursing

A Team Of People

This now gave me a team of people that now I can bounce ideas off and talk to to learn more about the IV hydration.

Kathy Walker

TK H2O Hydration Wellness

The Content

You have intimate opportunities to network to learn. The content is truly second to none. Wonderful services, wonderful products

Kara Moncrief


AIVA Hosts First-Ever Media Day, Highlights
Industry Advancements

AIVA's inaugural Media Day showcased the latest innovations in IV therapy, highlighting advancements in IV hydration technology through expert discussions and demonstrations. The event emphasized AIVA's commitment to excellence and education in the field.

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AIVA Summer Series Webinar with Tara Zeller from IV Nutrition

AIVA Summer Series Webinar with Tara Zeller from IV Nutrition

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AIVA Summer Series Webinar with Felicia Janovich from Live Hydration Spa,

AIVA Summer Series Webinar with Katie Gillberg from Hydrate IV Bar

AIVA Summer Series Webinar with Katie Gillberg from Hydrate IV Bar

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September 8-9, 2024

Leading the Future of IV Therapy

Stay Informed, Compliant, and Prosperous

In the last decade, the IV hydration therapy field has experienced remarkable growth, bringing new opportunities alongside increased regulatory attention. At the American IV Association (AIVA), we understand that compliance is not just a preference but a necessity in this evolving landscape.

Our comprehensive resources, including detailed summaries, dynamic events, and up-to-date regulatory information, are designed to keep our members at the forefront of industry changes.

By joining AIVA, you gain access to essential tools and insights that not only ensure your practice adheres to the latest standards but also thrives as a successful and profitable hydration therapy provider.

Stay ahead, compliant, and well-informed with AIVA, where we empower you to excel in the flourishing world of IV hydration therapy

AIVA is the leading industry beacon for providers of IV services nationwide.

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