AIVA Committees Overview

The American IV Association (AIVA) hosts various committees, each focusing on specific areas of importance within the IV hydration therapy industry. These committees ensure that AIVA operates with the highest standards of professionalism and compliance, addressing the diverse needs of its members and the industry at large. Here is a brief overview of each committee:

Membership Credentials Committee:

Establishes membership criteria, ensuring that all members meet AIVA's standards of professional practice.

Chair (Member)

Reece Pesek - Spa Start

Tina Altadonna-Morrill - Dream Seat

Quality Assurance Committee:

Develops best practices for IV therapy providers to guarantee the highest quality of care and service in the industry.

Chair (Member)

Coming Soon

Pharmacy Compliance Committee:

Focuses on the regulations and best practices for compounding pharmacies, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Chair (Member)

Dan Powell - Olympia

Tina Altadonna-Morrill - Dream Seat

Mobile Providers Committee:

Tackles issues specific to mobile IV therapy providers, promoting standards and addressing unique challenges.

Chair (Member)

Jonny Weber / Phil Hinkle - Mobile IV Nurse

Alex Noll - Curee

Public Relations Committee:

Tackles issues specific to mobile IV therapy providers, promoting standards and addressing unique challenges.

Chair (Member)

Trevor Tully - BoldMD

Jenny DiGirolamo - Creative Klick

William Sullivan - CM&F

Member and Supplier Certification Committee:

Guides the development of a certification program to enhance the qualifications and recognition of members and suppliers.

Chair (Member)

Tony Orlando - IV Therapy NearMe

Jennifer Switzer - Nutrafi

Roberta Verville - Compliance Source, LLC

Continuing Education Committee:

Oversees the creation and implementation of educational programs that ensure ongoing professional development for members.

Chair (Member)

Katie Gillberg - Hydrateiv

Catie Harris - Nursepreneurs

Regenerative Medicine and HRT Committee:

Offers expert advice on emerging topics in regenerative medicine and hormone replacement therapy, ensuring members are informed of the latest advancements.

Chair (Member)

Dr. Tara Zeller - IV Nutrition

Mark White - Omniwave

Natalie Teague - AMPMD

Medical Integration Committee:

Assists medical providers in incorporating IV vitamin therapy into their practices effectively and safely.

Chair (Member)

Coming Soon

Member Grievance Committee:

Handles grievances from consumers, working to resolve issues promptly and maintain the integrity of the association.

Chair (Member)

Hennesys Disla - Armhug

Marc Talbert - Empire City Labs

Regulations Committee:

Monitors and advises on regulatory developments affecting the IV therapy industry, ensuring compliance and advocacy.

Chair (Member)

Dr. Joe Palumbo - LocumTele

James Hart - IV Nutrition

Celina Santos -  AMPMD

Economics Committee:

Analyzes economic trends and strategies to enhance the financial health of the IV therapy industry.

Chair (Member)

Kevin Reynolds - CPA

Peter Hunt - North Point Advisors

These committees play a crucial role in advancing the standards and practices of the IV therapy industry, ensuring that AIVA remains at the forefront of industry developments while promoting safety, education, and innovation.

Leading the Future of IV Hydration Therapy: Stay Informed, Compliant, and Prosperous

In the last decade, the IV hydration therapy field has experienced remarkable growth, bringing new opportunities alongside increased regulatory attention. At the American IV Association (AIVA), we understand that compliance is not just a preference but a necessity in this evolving landscape. Our comprehensive resources, including detailed summaries, dynamic events, and up-to-date regulatory information, are designed to keep our members at the forefront of industry changes. By joining AIVA, you gain access to essential tools and insights that not only ensure your practice adheres to the latest standards but also thrives as a successful and profitable hydration therapy provider. Stay ahead, compliant, and well-informed with AIVA, where we empower you to excel in the flourishing world of IV hydration therapy.

AIVA is the leading industry beacon for providers of IV services nationwide.

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