About American IV's Mission

To be an essential industry beacon for the business of providing IV hydration therapy services. We strive to provide the most comprehensive collection of business resources to help them achieve success and sustainability.

What We Do

Through our network of legal resources and industry-leading professional expertise, we provide unparalleled business resources for owners and operators providing IV therapy services as part of our comprehensive AIVA membership program.

AIVA, as the industry leader, delivers robust support through an expansive network of proven business experts, exclusively accessible to our members. Our commitment to excellence, experience in overcoming challenges, and deep knowledge of member-centric cultures support our very clear purpose - to bring quality, success, and sustainability to the industry now and in the future. By joining AIVA, members gain access to these vital resources and a community dedicated to advancing the IV therapy field.

AVIA Membership can sharpen your competitive edge:

Expertise, Insight, and Support Tailored for IV Therapy Professionals

State-by-State Legal Guidance

AIVA provides comprehensive libraries with state-specific legal resources, ensuring that you stay informed and compliant with the unique regulatory landscape of your region.

Education on Trends and Developments

Stay ahead in the dynamic world of IV therapy with AIVA's in-depth education on emerging trends and essential business developments, positioning you at the forefront of industry innovation.

Licensing and Credentialing

Our association offers guidance on licensing requirements and access to valuable credentialing opportunities, helping you to enhance your qualifications and professional standing in the IV therapy field.

Navigating Regulatory Scrutiny

AIVA is your ally in understanding and managing the complexities of increased regulatory scrutiny, providing the tools and knowledge necessary for navigating these challenges with confidence.

Ensuring Industry Success and Sustainability

Our commitment at AIVA extends to fostering long-term success and sustainability in the IV therapy industry, supporting your practice to thrive in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

Our Values

Since inception, AIVA has been about success and sustainability. In 2021, we recognized explosive growth in the IV hydration therapy industry and began organizing events to educate and inform providers before we even had a website. The industry response was far-reaching and incredible, and passion quickly fueled the development of more. From podcasts to webinars to articles, FAQs and more, we relentlessly invested in an infrastructure unlike the industry had ever seen.

Over a year later we maintain the vision of success and sustainability and continue to create new resources to support our members across the nation. Today we are a nationwide force offering essential resources delivered consistently with precision and passion, enabling our members to drive the industry forward safely.

The aspirations of our organization remain true to those established by our visionary founders, and their innovation and energy continue to be our inspiration. Our passion and entrepreneurial culture will ensure that we deliver for our members the most comprehensive industry resources available - today and in the future.

AIVA was founded as a Limited Liability Corporation because we believe this organizational structure is the most ethical and appropriate. We choose this because not-for-profit corporations rely on after tax contributions from other taxpayers to support their mission, and receive tax exemptions from the government. This is commonplace for a NFP hospital system whose mission, in return, is obligated to provide services to everyone that walks in the door, including the uninsured. This example is not reflective of the IV Hydration Industry at all. Thus, we do not believe it is right or appropriate to expect taxpayers and the federal government to help subsidize AIVA. From its inception, AIVA's stated mission is to support a vibrant for- profit industry, ensure its integrity, and promote its sustainability for the future.

Meet the Leaders: The Driving Force Behind American IV Association

Explore the distinguished leadership team and Advisory Board of the American IV Association, comprised of accomplished professionals shaping the IV therapy industry. In this section, tap on each individual's name to delve into their unique bios, uncovering the depth of expertise and experience that guides our association towards excellence and innovation in healthcare.

Jeffery Cohen

Jeff has been a practicing healthcare business lawyer for 35 years. He’s certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in health law. Founder of The Florida Healthcare Law Firm, Jeff has been integral to many healthcare business startups over the years and is an avid proponent of (and patient) in IV hydration therapy.


Autumn Galgano

Autumn Galgano is an accomplished healthcare industry executive with over 13 years’ experience driving growth, profitability, and market share for the largest healthcare law firm in Florida, The Florida Healthcare Law Firm. Autumn has contributed as a business and operations strategist for several projects in the healthcare sector and remains dedicated to creating and collaborating.


David Light

David Light, PT, MBA is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, and doctoral level physical therapist. David has managed the business advisory units that deliver services to hospitals, health systems, physicians groups, ancillary providers, and various other continuum-of-care entities. David provides advisory services and has extensive experience in the areas of revenue management and performance improvement. His clinical background and desire to continue to help people made the COO role at AIVA a perfect fit for the IV Hydration Industry.

Chief Operating Officer

Sam Tejada

As the founder of Liquivida, Sam himself has achieved personal recognition as an entrepreneur and a rising healthcare leader, having his story and leadership tips featured in podcasts with “Together CFO,” named an honoree in the Healthcare category at the 2020 Apogee Awards, and upcoming features in Authority Magazine and the Franchise Times.

Chairman: Leadership Advisory Board

Sarah Lomas

Sarah Lomas is the president of REVIV Global and have a corporate background in senior and executive management roles over several industries, including financial services. I have enjoyed over 25 years’ experience in leadership, strategy and deployment, and I am honoured to be a mentor for many groups including Virgin start ups.

REVIV is the ONLY global brand Personalized Nutritional Health - we have a very unique position in the industry and it’s really exciting times for us as we embark on ambitious expansion of the brand. My mission is to improve Health based on Nutrition.

I credit REVIV for changing my life and have a fierce determination to ensure REVIV places itself at the forefront of Nutritional Health innovation.

Leadership Advisory Board

Ben Crosbie

Ben Crosbie, CEO of The DRIPBaR, has spent the past several years expanding the brand to over 80 locations with over 430 in different stages of development. Crosbie’s passion to turn cellular health into a lifestyle is pushing franchise expansion forward with tremendous continued growth expected in 2024.

“Since 2019 we have been able to develop a comprehensive system to support our franchisees. Our operations and franchise systems only continue to grow stronger,” said Crosbie. “Everyone is starting to recognize the power of intravenous therapies to maintain their best health and are seeking new ways to complement conventional treatment options. It is my mission to maintain the high standards we have set forth to continue to be the most professional IV therapy franchise with the highest quality out there.”

Crosbie is an accomplished entrepreneur and franchisor also serving as the Founder and CEO for ZOR 411, a franchise development company. With more than 20 years of experience and a lifetime of passion for the health and personal care industries, his knowledge in both real estate and business consulting have been essential in his work to develop and lead health and wellness franchises. Crosbie began his career as a personal trainer in Boston, MA. In 2006, through the feedback he received from the network of clients and fitness enthusiasts that he developed, he was inspired to create his first business, Equilibrium, a high-end fitness center, full-service spa, and cafe which he grew to three locations. Ben gained even further knowledge in health and fitness franchise development in 2014 when he secured the global rights to TapouT brand. With this brand, he founded and developed the popular martial-arts-infused fitness business, TapouT Fitness. His vision and foresight for the brand led the company to sell over 500 franchise locations in 11 countries. During this endeavor he brought on the complete operational team to lead, develop, and continue the growth of the company. During his five years with TapouT Fitness (2014–2019), he held the positions of CEO, CDO and Vice Chairman alike.

Leadership Advisory Board

Leading the Future of IV Hydration Therapy: Stay Informed, Compliant, and Prosperous

In the last decade, the IV hydration therapy field has experienced remarkable growth, bringing new opportunities alongside increased regulatory attention. At the American IV Association (AIVA), we understand that compliance is not just a preference but a necessity in this evolving landscape. Our comprehensive resources, including detailed summaries, dynamic events, and up-to-date regulatory information, are designed to keep our members at the forefront of industry changes. By joining AIVA, you gain access to essential tools and insights that not only ensure your practice adheres to the latest standards but also thrives as a successful and profitable hydration therapy provider. Stay ahead, compliant, and well-informed with AIVA, where we empower you to excel in the flourishing world of IV hydration therapy.

AIVA is the leading industry beacon for providers of IV services nationwide.

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