American IV Association (AIVA), the prominent hub for resources in IV hydration therapy, is proud to announce the establishment of a dynamic Founding Member Board. Comprised of distinguished and ethical leaders within the IV hydration therapy sector, the Founding Member Board is dedicated to fostering collaboration in pursuit of the organization’s core objectives.

Aligned with the mission of advancing the IV hydration industry in a sustainable and successful manner, AIVA’s Founding Member Board will engage directly with the Leadership Advisory Board, chairing committees responsible for shaping the industry, establishing best practices, and representing the industry’s interests through AIVA on all matters of importance.

AIVA’s passionate entrepreneurial culture ensures that it continues to provide its members with the most comprehensive industry resources available, both today and in the future. With the establishment of ten specialized committees focusing on oversight, data management, quality assurance, and compliance, AIVA aims to broaden its membership base by welcoming other industry leaders who aspire to be at the forefront of the IV Hydration Therapy sector. These committees will benefit from the support of the Leadership Advisor Board, the 20-member Founding Board, and Key Subject Matter Experts from across the nation.

Felicia Janovich, CEO & Co-Founder of LIVE Hydration Spa expressed her enthusiasm at being selected for the Founding Member Board, stating, “It is a privilege to collaborate with esteemed leaders in this industry and contribute my passion and expertise as a Registered Nurse to AIVA as we drive this industry forward. Being part of an initiative that transcends personal interests and serves the community is truly an honor.”

Founded with a steadfast commitment to industry success and sustainability, AIVA passionately supports IV hydration therapy providers across the nation. With an unwavering focus on anticipating future industry trends and needs, AIVA’s mission is to bolster, unify, and sustain the IV Hydration Industry by centralizing and disseminating information, and cultivating innovative methods to educate, inform, and empower providers in this critical field. “At AIVA, we are committed to creating success and sustainability for the IV hydration industry, and it is essential our team continues to grow with the best people we can find who share that vision,” stated Autumn Piccolo, Vice President of the American IV Association.

About American IV Association:

AIVA emerged in 2021 at a time when the burgeoning business of IV hydration therapy lacked uniformity in clinical delivery outcomes, quality assurance, governmental representation, and a collective media voice. Established to address these acute concerns, AIVA served as a beacon of momentum and awareness for industry stakeholders across various business dimensions.

Through industry collaboration, commitment, and financial support, AIVA is uniquely poised to further deliver on the need for oversight and compliance going into 2024 and beyond. The Advisory Board remains true to the vision set by the organization’s visionary founders, drawing inspiration from their innovation and energy.

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