USP 797 has specific changes that clarify the definition of Immediate Use, and the three categories of sterile compounding. These changes mean that there is an emphasis on all practitioners to either purchase their premixed bags or combination vials from a compounding pharmacy or install and maintain your own sterile cleanroom. However, there is much more to know beyond just purchasing a tabletop ISO 5 cleanroom. Join us on January 18th for an in depth overview of how you can prepare and stay compliant in 2023 and beyond.

  • Do my preparations qualify for Immediate Use or do I need a cleanroom?
  • If I need a cleanroom what do I need to do to stay compliant?
  • What you need to know about your compounding pharmacy vendors to stay compliant?

Presented by: Jennifer Kraatz, MsPharm, Owner of Pharmacy Upward – A pharmacy consulting group, helping businesses grow and achieve sales and marketing goals while navigating the regulations and ever-changing environment of the compounding pharmacy industry.