In this episode, we welcome special guest, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, on our Podcast to get his take on eCommerce, Memberships, Patient Loyalty and everything in between. …see more

E-Commerce, Subscriptions and Memberships for IV Therapy.

There’s a lot of competition out there! How do you stand apart without cutting prices and starting a race to the bottom? Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder/CEO of BuildMyHealth will discuss how he and his team market their IV bar. Through e-commerce, subscriptions and memberships, he’ll discuss their path to success with loyalty rather than steep discounts. Subscription business models are ones that charge clients a recurring fee for access to your product and services, however, on a deeper level, they are about building strong client relationships. Clients who already see value in what you are providing, turn into loyal followers who become reliable repeat customers and great referral sources. The higher the client retention rates are, the lower your acquisition costs long term. During this session, learn how to successfully include IV therapy and supplemental injections for your online store. Additionally, understand how subscriptions and memberships can incur loyalty without steep discounts.