In the realm of medical advancements and healthcare excellence, the American IV Association stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. In a groundbreaking move towards advancing the field of IV hydration, the American IV Association proudly presents its Founding Members Board. Comprising a dynamic group of 20 visionaries, the Founding Members Board at AIVA is set to drive innovation, set industry standards, and elevate the importance of IV hydration in the pursuit of optimal health

The vision and dedication of its founding members, the trailblazers whose contributions have shaped the landscape of intravenous therapy is the foundation of this influential association. The contributions of these founding members are not just confined to the association itself but have had a lasting impact on the field of intravenous therapy.

Today, American IV Association is thrilled to announce a powerful addition to our esteemed Founding Members Board, Felicia Janovich, a visionary Co-Founder/ Franchiser, LIVE Hydration Spa, who inspires us through her dynamic persona and significant contribution to the IV Hydration industry.

Felicia graduated from UNO with a pre-nursing degree and completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UNMC. She started working for Outpatient Surgical Specialty Centre right after school and has been working as a scrub and circulator for the surgeons in the operating room, post-op, and pre-op for the past six years. Currently, she is attending Clarkson College in Omaha, Nebraska, to obtain her nurse practitioner license.

As the CEO of LIVE Hydration Spa, Felicia aims to providing top-notch therapies to help patients reach their ideal levels of wellness and health with the vision of transforming lives, redefining ideal self-care journeys, and establishing the bar for IV therapy experiences, transform the healthcare business by providing their clients with customer-centric, professional, and unmatched wellness choices.

At the heart of the American IV Hydration Association lies a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and the advancement of IV hydration practices. This commitment is epitomized in our approach to our valued founding members, forming the backbone of our organization. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for advancing the science of IV hydration, our newest member brings a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective to our dynamic team. Join us in welcoming Felicia as we embark on new heights in the realm of optimal health through IV Hydration. We are excited to set on this exhilarating journey of innovation and advancement in the IV Hydration Industry with you.