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AIVA has leveraged the volume of our growing membership base to bring savings and exclusive discounts to members through group purchasing. We have secured partnerships with leading industry manufacturers, suppliers, and other fantastic vendors including pharmaceuticals, skincare, devices, and injectables. Our vendors love to help members improve operational efficiencies, provide products and services which benefit patients and can help increase revenue by suggesting exciting and profitable new products.

AIVA's group purchasing organization does not purchase or distribute products and services on behalf of the vendor nor do we endorse one vendor over another. AIVA does not warranty or guarantee the performance of any vendor or your satisfaction with any vendor's products and services that you choose to purchase through its group purchasing organization. You are solely responsible for determining the appropriateness, quality, and fitness of the vendor's products and services for use in your practice or business and resolving any disputes with the vendor relating to the ordering, quality, merchantability, fitness for any purpose, performance, operation, maintenance, or support of the products and services that you purchase from a vendor through the AIVA group purchasing organization.

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Leading the Future of IV Hydration Therapy: Stay Informed, Compliant, and Prosperous

In the last decade, the IV hydration therapy field has experienced remarkable growth, bringing new opportunities alongside increased regulatory attention. At the American IV Association (AIVA), we understand that compliance is not just a preference but a necessity in this evolving landscape. Our comprehensive resources, including detailed summaries, dynamic events, and up-to-date regulatory information, are designed to keep our members at the forefront of industry changes. By joining AIVA, you gain access to essential tools and insights that not only ensure your practice adheres to the latest standards but also thrives as a successful and profitable hydration therapy provider. Stay ahead, compliant, and well-informed with AIVA, where we empower you to excel in the flourishing world of IV hydration therapy.

AIVA is the leading industry beacon for providers of IV services nationwide.

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