Combining the winning benefits of IV hydration with efficacious topical skincare may seem like an unlikely match, but the two in combination are more complementary than you may think. Learn about the key ingredients in skincare that when combined with regular IV therapy will yield amazing results and add an additional revenue stream for your practice. During this live webinar, you will learn:

  • About scientific skincare and how it benefits the skin
  • What ingredient are key to both IV hydration and skincare
  • How adding skincare can boost the bottom line

Candace Noonan is a master trainer and director of education for DermaConcepts, the exclusive U.S. Distributor of Environ Skin Care. As a licensed esthetician, she hosts trainings on the efficacy and science of products and ingredients, as well as hands-on demonstrations and interviews with industry experts. Candace holds certificates for internationally recognized programs such as Advanced Skin Analysis, Dermal Needling and Oncology Esthetics, and is a frequent public speaker at medical and skin care conferences throughout the U.S. Her belief is to never stop learning and sharing the knowledge gained by her continued studies. Born in South Africa, and having personal experience battling melasma, she feels her passion for skin care is her biggest asset.