IV Hydration Pearls: Adding IV Hydration Therapy to Your Existing Practice. | Special Guest: Jennifer Cooper.

In Episode 7, special guest Jennifer ‘Coop’ Cooper, MS, APRN, AGACNP-BC of Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery, shares her insights and expertise as it relates to add IV hydration therapy to an existing medical or aesthetic practice. …see more

Listen as Coop and Tyler discuss the ways to differentiate your practice, increase your revenues and enhance the patient experience. Learn more about:

  • Procedures that can be done concurrently with IV hydration (maximizing your time and income)
  • What is required physically to add IV therapy to your existing practice (i.e. treatment space, making the ‘experience’)
  • How to market to patients to bring family/friends or schedule ‘IV parties’
  • What practice types are best suited for this offering
  • Start up costs and overhead impact