The American IV Association (AIVA), the leading authority, when it comes to advancement and innovation in the field of IV Hydration Therapy and providing high-quality healthcare to its clients, is pleased to introduce its Founding Members Board, a ground-breaking step forward in the field of IV hydration. With its dynamic group of twenty visionaries, the AIVA Founding Members Board is poised to lead innovation, establish industry benchmarks, and raise awareness of IV hydration’s significance in the quest for optimal health.

The American Association is abuzz with excitement as we approach the dawn of a new era in the IV hydration industry. This excitement is not just about the innovations and advancements on the horizon; it’s about the incredible journey we’re set to have with our newest founding member. The foundation of AIVA is the vision and commitment of its founding members—trailblazers whose contributions have influenced the intravenous treatment landscape. In addition to the association itself, these founding members’ efforts have had a lasting impact on the IV Hydration space.

The American IV Association is delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest Founding Member, Katie Gillberg, Founder/ CEO, of Hydrate IV Bar, who, with her vibrant personality and noteworthy contributions to the IV Hydration sector, inspires us to a great deal.

Katie is a native of Denver, having spent five generations in Colorado, she decided to go to Arizona State University, where she eventually earned a degree in business and communications. Her lifelong interest in fitness and health inspired her to pursue a postgraduate career in medical sales. She worked in medical sales before establishing Hydrate IV Bar and saw an opportunity to introduce IV therapy into the wellness and health industry. After drafting a business plan and assembling a skilled medical team, she got services nationwide and was prepared to launch the first Hydrate IV Bar in 2016.

Aiming at providing an increased IV therapy, NAD+ therapy, and vitamin injection experience with the goal of promoting wellness from the inside out, the CEO/ Founder, Katie Wafer-Gillberg, believes that prosperous franchise businesses make investments in their workforce and make sure the appropriate people are in the right positions to grow the company and assist their franchisees. Among the numerous roles Wafer-Gillberg wears as the visionary leader of Hydrate IV Bar is providing direction for spa’s growth and expansion.

A strong commitment to excellence, creativity, and the advancement of IV hydration procedures is the core value of the American IV Association. Our newest member, who is passionate about furthering the science of IV hydration and has a strong dedication to excellence, adds a wealth of knowledge and a new viewpoint to our dynamic team. Let’s rejoice Katie’s arrival to the American IV Association, as we reach unprecedented levels of IV hydration-assisted optimal health. We can’t wait to get started on this thrilling journey of advancement and creativity in the IV hydration industry with you.