In this episode, we invite Sam Tejada onto our show to share his thoughts and expertise as it relates to a more proactive approach to IV Therapy.

Sam Tejada began as a firefighter, paramedic, and then opened his first company Rescue-101 providing training to the American Red Cross in South Florida. Becoming involved with Cenegenics, and mentored by Dr. Robert Willix, Sam opened his first Liquivida Lounge in 2013. Liquivida is now a highly recognized integrated IV Hydration Therapy Franchise with several flagship stores throughout Florida, as well as expanding into other states such as Texas and New Jersey.

Sam Covers:

  • Vitamin IV THERAPY
  • What are the benefits of IV nutrition
  • How often do you recommend coming in to get a drip
  • Preparation of IV bags
  • Storage of IV products
  • Proper formulations when it comes to IV therapy
  • Benefits of IV Nutrition
  • Diagnostics tools
  • Blood work for genetic testing
  • How to market to your patients
  • How to educate your patients
  • Mobile IV Practices
  • Proper documentation