Standout from your competitors.

Combining IV nutrient therapy with aesthetic procedures will be the new trend in the coming years for antiaging. Be ahead on how you can provide these unique services into your medical spa or practice. Gain knowledge on a comprehensive approach utilizing certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids on the integumentary system with basic or advanced aesthetic procedures.

Your patients will have great results, keep coming back and increase ROI on aesthetic packages.

  • The science of skin rejuvenation and microneedling using IV nutrient therapy
  • Comprehend what key vitamins, minerals, amino acids do for one’s skin before during or after a procedure.
  • How to gear time on aesthetic procedures/packages using IV infusions. Full bags vs. Mini.
  • How to fill the gaps during numbing time before an aesthetic procedure.


Nicoletta Rasizzi is a registered nurse, BSN specializing in integrative and aesthetic medicine. She is co-founder of Replenish health and wellness and co-founder of BioVitaLife. Is certified in IV nutrition therapy and has been in the field for 15 years. She has developed her own line of SkinIV™ formulations specifically designed to work in tandem with non-surgical aesthetic procedures. She educates medical clinicians on the leading-edge in antiaging and skin-matrix support using IV nutrient therapy and supplementation. She is currently working on using one’s DNA and applying it with vitamin nutrient therapy to rejuvenate the body from the inside out. Her goal is to help both men and women have effective treatments that help them achieve their desired results while looking good and feeling vibrant!