In today’s special episode, we invite a world renown speaker and key opinion leader, Dennis Yu. Dennis shares a wealth of knowledge as it relates to reengineering the way we think about SEO. Educating our listeners on how to organically optimize your website’s ability to genuinely rank by posting real, genuine content that patients want to consume. Dennis also educates our listeners on ChatGPT and the future of AI. We discuss the value of capturing patient testimonials in the office as they’re checking out and teaching your team how to quickly and efficiently capture an authentic testimonial.

Dennis also talks about the phones being the new computer and how the value of User Generated Content is growing and becoming more valuable every single day on platforms such as Amazon and Google. This is a can’t miss episode!

CEO of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults. We offer courses, implementation, and consulting.

My personal mission centers around mentorship from my experience with helping people from all walks of life grow their expertise in digital marketing, sharing his insights from managing campaigns for enterprise clients like The Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.

I help digital agencies grow, serving doctors and real estate agents as fractional CTO.

I’m an internationally recognized lecturer in digital marketing and have spoken over 730 times in 17 countries, spanning 5 continents.

Featured in: The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Fox News, CNN, CBS Evening News and co-authored “Facebook Nation” – a textbook taught in over 700 colleges and universities.

A few topics that are covered during this podcast:

  • What is SEO?
  • Rethinking SEO in the viewpoint of the actual Search Engine
  • How to audit your agency that manages your SEO
  • How to create organic content
  • How to train staff members to capture patient testimonials in real time, right after they’ve had an amazing experience
  • What is ChatGPT?
  • How will ChatGPT and AI effect the future of content creating and marketing?