The Founding Members Board is a revolutionary development in the field of IV hydration, and the American IV Association(AIVA), the premier authority on innovation and advancement in IV hydration therapy and delivering top-notch healthcare to its clients, is proud to announce it. The AIVA Founding Members Board is a dynamic group of twenty visionaries who are ready to foster innovation, set industry standards, and increase awareness of the importance of IV hydration in the pursuit of optimal health.

As the American IV Association continues its journey towards setting new standards and advancing the field of IV hydration, we are delighted to introduce our latest addition to the esteemed Founding Members Board, Shane Madden, CEO/ President, of IV Hydreight Inc.

With a wealth of expertise and a passion for transformative healthcare solutions, Shane brings a dynamic perspective that promises to enhance our collective mission. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Shane Madden, as we navigate the path to excellence in IV hydration.

Shane, an Irish native, has extensive experience expanding and growing software-related enterprises. His life’s work has been centered around being amazing, with tidbits of professional golf, electronic engineering, and business thrown in. In 2020, Shane established a strong partnership with VST, which eventually led to the company’s acquisition in the second quarter of 2021. Shane established Hydreight Inc. in 2018. His entrepreneurial endeavors are expected to concentrate on making several digital health startups.

Founded in 2018, Hydreight offers a distinct, in-house, proprietary telemedicine service that enables customers to schedule private health and wellness and/or medical appointments at their residence, place of business, hotel, or any other discreet location where they might require assistance. Hydreight’s business model makes use of decentralized healthcare to effectively, scalable, and affordably provide high-quality telemedicine, medical, health, and wellness services to the general public. With the help of Hydreight’s medical network and technological platform, nurses can legally offer healthcare outside of hospitals in all 50 states. All medical professionals can now monetize their credentials in a completely new way to meet the needs of a modern patient or customer thanks to Hydreight’s corporate practice of medicine framework and mobile medical technology.

The fundamental principle of the American IV Association is a resolute dedication to innovation, quality, and the progress of IV hydration protocols. Our newest team member brings a plethora of expertise and a fresh perspective to our dynamic group. He is deeply committed to improving the science of IV hydration and has a strong work ethic. As we achieve previously unheard-of levels of IV hydration-assisted optimal health, let’s celebrate Shane’s addition to the American IV Association. We are eager to set on this exciting journey of innovation and progress in the IV hydration sector with you.